smitty lou and hughWhile we are excited about our recent on-going construction, without people the building is a mere shell.  Over the years, a unique cast of characters has populated the hallways and classrooms of this institution. Both together and alone, they triumphed in the classroom, on the stage and the field.  Upon graduation they have gone on to a variety of careejudy izzors in law, medicine, aeronautics, business and education.  In addition to students, our teachers have worked to enrich and shape our students on their journey to adulthood.

To keep these memories alive we are in the process of creating an on-line archive of old yearbooks.  Please follow the links below to find your year.  More will  be added throughout the year. If you would like a particular year added more quickly, please contact us using the form below. To help us keep track of our alumni – there are over 4,000 over you- please take the time fill out the form below.


BletzerSalvucci painting


Stella Izzo                                                                                   Lucille Salvucci headshot    1967 Photo 2


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