Book Club

Book club will be focused on analyzing, critiquing, and exploring top-rated books in the fantasy (term 1), historical fiction (term 2), and mystery (term 3) genres. During each trimester, we will explore one genre, delve into the background story of each other, and discuss a few incredible books. The club will focus on developing students understanding of each genre, appreciation for the craft and structure of the various types of writing, and building students confidence during open circle discussions. The club will include artistic responses, oral discussions, journal prompts, and more. If you are interested in sharing your love of reading with others, please join us!

Please note that students will need to bring their own copies of the chosen books to book club.


Grade Range: 4th – 6th 
Time and Date:
 Full Year, Wednesday 3-4pm
Location: Ms. Ransom’s Room
Moderator: Ms. Ransom
Moderator Contact: