Catholic Schools Connects

Catholic Schools Connects is a school‐based student support model that leverages the services and resources of city & community agencies.

The role of the Student Support Coordinator 

The Student Support Coordinator links students to the services and enrichments that match their individual strengths and needs.  The coordinator develops partnerships with community agencies to secure services and enrichment opportunities for students, and follows up to assure service delivery and effectiveness.  Catholic Schools Connects depends on the involvement of parents and caregivers, who can view the Student Support Coordinator as a bridge between the home and school.

In addition, the Student Support Coordinator:

  • Helps families through transitions and encourage visits to the school
  • Recommends and connect you to services that may help the whole family
  • Secures funding and transportation for students to access services
  • Responds to family crises
  • Provides information on school processes and service options
  • Assists parents/guardians in addressing disciplinary or behavior issues at home
  • Finds ways to address language barriers

The Student Support Coordinator works closely with school personnel and community agencies to learn about a wide range of programs, services, and enrichment opportunities that can benefit students. The Student Support Coordinator also works with school staff to develop creative ways to provide in‐school support for children. Some examples of the types of services that the Student Support Coordinator can help connect your child to include:

  • Before and after‐school programs
  • Academic support or tutoring
  • Enrichment opportunities in sports, music, or art
  • Vacation and summer programs
  • Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Social skills groups
  • Health care services
  • Ideas to support positive behavior at home

How can I get my child connected?

Catholic Schools Connects staff is always happy to meet with families and share resources that can help support your child and your family.  The Student Support Coordinator at Saint Columbkille Partnership School is available to talk to parents/guardians about how we can work together to ensure that your child is receiving what he or she needs to excel.

Feel free to contact the Student Support Coordinator:

Melinda Bouras, 617-254-3110 ext. 102,