Message from the Head of School

A bi-weekly newsletter is sent out to our school community. To read previous newsletters, please scroll to the bottom of this page. The most recent message is shown below.

Yesterday morning the weather was finally beautiful! You could see the joy on the faces of the children as they gathered to catch a few minutes of play on the field! It was so beautiful to see children being children, running and playing.  When the bell rang, I, like them, did not want to answer its call! After the morning coffee with some of our K2 parents, I heard the outdoors beckoning me.  I took a short walk to the plaza and discovered Ms. Krane’s class posing for an Easter picture, appropriately decked out with bunny ears. I was happy to join them. Out on the field I could see our K2 teachers finishing the planting of Easter eggs that their children would so happily find a bit later in the morning.  I felt more relaxed that I have felt in a few weeks. These past weeks, children have had their fare share of conflicts. Teachers, while still pushing forward, were anticipating the vacation. And the paperwork is falling off of my desk. It was a long winter.

And then, from around the corner, I saw an exasperated Ms. Planchon who relayed a disturbing story. A teenager walking down the street had laid his eyes on the Easter eggs scattered across the field and began to gather them into his coat. When discovered, he made a dash to the exit with Ms. Planchon in hot pursuit.  What would possess a person to resort to stealing Easter eggs intended for five year olds?  Where were his values? On a side note, what would possess Ms. Planchon to chase after him?  After some thought, the answer was obvious. As a teacher, she wants the best for her children and will do whatever it takes to get it! Alas, the culprit was faster and escaped.  I have to ask her what she would have done had she caught him.

When the children charged the field to gather the loot, I could hear the laugher and see their excitement. Some children were more adept at this hunt than others. When nearly all of the eggs had been gathered, Andrew took a look in his bag and discovered that he had done quite well. I know where this young boy’s values are. He made a comment that he had many more than the other children and unselfishly redistributed half of his eggs back onto the field! Can the story have a more perfect ending? Another K2 student, Pablo, peeled off a well-earned Easter sticker and planted it on my chest. I wore it all day like it was the Congressional Medal of Honor. We always exhort children to give back, to put the needs of others before their own. We hope the message sinks in. God has a way of letting us know that for all of the negativity in the world, there is hope and goodness! Sometimes we forget this!  After this morning, I won’t forget it for a while.

And yet another hopeful and beautiful event…Emilia Margaret Lamothe was born yesterday. Mother and child are doing well. We pray for God’s blessing on this young family.  She is an Easter baby!

Happy Easter to all and have a safe and restful vacation. And let us all remember in our prayers those who are having trouble finding God’s peace and joy.


William Gartside
Head of School