Millionaires Club

So you finally hit it big and have a million dollars!  What do you do with it?  The stock market is an exciting but confusing place.  One day it is setting a record, the next it is crashing.  Why does this happen?  Kids will learn about how the stock market works by actually investing an imaginary amount of money in companies that they select and research.  Kids will understand why a high tech stock has greater reward, but also greater risk, than a company that makes toothpaste.  Students will also learn about bank savings accounts, mutual funds, bonds, real estate and lots of other investment types.  The goal is to educate kids about basic financial literacy and have fun!


Grade Range: 6th – 8th 
Time and Date:
 Terms 2, Tuesday 3-4pm
Location: Mr. Donahue’s Room
Moderator: Mr. Donahue
Moderator Contact: