Boston College Partnership

Boston College, the managing partner of Saint Columbkille Partnership School, makes all the difference.

The Boston College Connection

Boston College provides resources and oversight for the academic program. Additionally, Boston College provides expertise in the area of facility management and finance. Resources offered through Boston College have made possible ongoing physical plant improvements, increased financial aid, and graduate training for all eligible faculty fully sponsored by the Boston College Lynch School of Education.

Educational experts coordinated by Boston College faculty are collaborating to implement state-of-the-art approaches to teaching, from the early childhood program through middle school, using evidence-based curricula to teach math, science, literacy, and other subjects, as well as working with bilingual students and children with mild to moderate special needs. Additionally, approximately 20 student teachers from the Lynch School of Education learn their craft under the careful watch of our talented teachers. Researchers from Boston College also find a hospitable, professional school environment to conduct their research.

A number of student organizations from Boston College also play a key role in the enhancement of our co-curricular program:

  • The male and female athletic teams mentor students.
  • Volunteers from the 4 Boston program serve as aides to our teachers in the after school program.
  • Drama students from Boston College help staff and run our newly formed drama program.
  • The Emerging Leaders program at Boston College has adopted our school and link undergraduate students with us to help develop our co-curricular programs.
  • Boston College Marching Band members work with our students, providing after school instrumental music lessons.

Our Ten-Year Partnership Brochure