Message from the Head of School

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My guess is that your children were taking full advantage of the snow days on Tuesday and Wednesday. I remember snow days when I was young: I relished the opportunity to take my Yankee Clipper sled down to the local hill with my brothers and sisters. I also remember my mother collecting our wet clothes at the door when we returned home, exhausted and soaked through. I hope your children had some fun and that you were able to relax a bit as you waited out the storm.
Yesterday, we were planning to have a prayer service at school to promote peace. We will let you know when we reschedule the event. Peace or the absence of peace is not something with which only adults must be concerned. Every day children come into conflict with one another in the classroom or on the playing field. If we are successful in helping them to peacefully resolve these conflicts, there is a chance that they will take what they have learned and become peacemakers when they grow to adulthood.
When students come into conflict (a euphemism for “fight”), we pull them aside and try to calmly sort out what went wrong. Then, we work to have the students let go of their anger. We ask them to try and see the other student’s point of view and we always ask them what they could have done differently. For students who bear the most responsibility, we look for remorse. If we feel there is a possibility that the students can reconcile, we bring them together to talk it out. Most times, these discussions are fruitful; once apologies are made from the heart, many times, the conflict ends with an offer of forgiveness, and I know I have made an impact. Children, even young children, have the capacity for contrition and forgiveness. They can let go of their anger a lot easier that adults, and we can learn a lot from that resilience.
Hopefully, spring will come to Brighton soon. We yearn for warmth and an uninterrupted week of school!
William Gartside
Head of School