Message from the Head of School

A bi-weekly newsletter is sent to our school community. To read previous newsletters, please scroll to the bottom of this page. The most recent message is shown below.

Saint Columbkille Partnership School is a community of families, educators, and partners inspired by the values of the Gospel.
It is clear that the success of our school can be attributed to the Partnership that was put in place a little more than a decade ago. We have been able to leverage the assets of our three partners – Boston College, Saint Columbkille Parish and the Archdiocese of Boston – to enable us to educate and form students. Our three partners give us a framework from which to operate.
I recently wrote an article (see link here: Partnership Coalitions) that was published in the National Catholic Education Association’s magazine where I wrote “This Partnership Agreement has been a win-win-win for all three of the partners. Saint Columbkille Partnership School has become a repository of best practices that the Archdiocese can draw upon to assist other schools. Saint Columbkille Partnership School is an anchor in the community adding a measure of stability to the parish. The Lynch School of Education at Boston College and the University as a whole has been enriched by the partnership. Saint Columbkille has become a preferred school for teacher training, educational research, and volunteerism.”
I also reflect on our most important partners, our parents. We share common values. We want our children to be challenged and work as hard as they can. We want our children to grow in empathy. We want our children to be kind. And we want our children to be joyful! We are successful because we work well together.
At a recent meeting of the Parent Advisory Committee, we discussed the phrase “Gospel Values.” We celebrate religious differences and know that they help us all to better understand God’s message. We find common ground from living the ethical codes that all religions hold dear. Gospel values are derived from the action and teachings of Jesus. Jesus challenged his followers to put the needs of others before one’s own needs. He pressed them to be peacemakers and servants to the poor. He spoke against hypocrisy and materialism. He taught respect and forgiveness.
And so we are a community of families, educators, and partners inspired by the values of the Gospel. The work we do as parents and educators is hard work and sometimes we may feel that we will never see the fruit of our labor. I assure you, together we are helping to build the Kingdom of God, and it is a glorious kingdom.
William Gartside
Head of School