Message from the Head of School

A bi-weekly newsletter is sent to our school community. To read previous newsletters, please scroll to the bottom of this page. The most recent message is shown below.

As we conclude this school year, I thank our amazing teachers who came to school every day, with smiles on their faces. They worked hard to know and love each child under their care. They gave them high-fives when they shined and comforted them when they were feeling blue. They taught them well!
One true indicator of a successful school is parental involvement. You knocked it out of the park! We are so blessed. A special shout-out to our room parents who coordinated Catholic Schools and teacher appreciation week. Most importantly, you trusted us with your children.
I thank our amazing families who have partnered with us so well. You dished out turkey, ham, pasta, and pancakes. You ran and sweated with the kids on field day. You hauled water, cut oranges, set up tables, secured sponsors from friends and families and ran the Race to Educate. You chaperoned field trips to the zoo, museums, and Nature’s Classroom and many, many, other exciting places. You cleaned up after lunches.
Have a safe and joyful summer. Come back to us rested and ready to do it all again! For all who will be leaving us, we wish you the best and know that wherever you go you will take a piece of Saint Columbkille with you. You are always welcome back!
William Gartside
Head of School