Student Support Services

To support learning at Saint Columbkille Partnership School, we have developed a comprehensive student support system to ensure that each and every student receives the services and resources he or she needs to be academically successful and healthy.

Each child is unique.

For example, some students benefit best from enrichments, such as arts, sports, or leadership programs. For others, targeted intervention services—such as after‐school programs, basic health education, and tutoring—are the best match.

Our mission is to have all children engage and learn in school by connecting each student with the tailored set of prevention, intervention, and enrichment services he or she needs to thrive. A full‐time Catholic Schools Connects Student Support Coordinator assesses the strengths and needs of each child through conversations with teachers and others in the school. Every student is then connected to a unique set of services or enrichment opportunities in the community designed to help each child reach his or her full potential.  Click here to learn more about the Student Support Coordinator.

Saint Columbkille Partnership School partners with a number of community agencies to advance wellness for our students.  Click here to learn about our community partners.

The Learning Resource Coordinator works with teachers, students and parents to make sure the learning in the classroom is optimal. Click here to learn more about the Learning Resource coordinator.