Boston College’s Emerging Leader Program Increases Involvement at STCPS

Since 1988, the Emerging Leader Program (ELP) has earned the reputation of being a premier leadership program for first-year students at Boston College. Each year, 50 first-year students are selected to participate in the one-year leadership development program. That equips and empowers students to engage in leadership during their time at Boston College and beyond. Through large and small group activities and discussions, events, experiential outings, service, and mentorship, ELP aims to form leaders for others.

In years past, ELP has included service outings to serve at various locations with community partners. To provide a consistent and meaningful experience for all participating students, the program was restructured this year to allow for each of the 50 first-year students to volunteer at Saint Columbkille Partnership School.

Students have assisted teachers in classrooms, helped administrators in the office and planned events for Saint Columbkille families. Already this year, the Emerging Leaders hosted “Explore the Arts with Your Child” Day on Saturday, November 16, 2019. Click here to learn more about the event.

“Service is a core tenet of the program with the goal of creating leaders for others,” says Kat Waxstein, Assistant Director in the Office of Student Affairs. “

Sing it to the Heights, the annual singing competition held at Boston College’s Robsham Theater in the spring, gives all event proceeds to support Saint Columbkille’s financial aid program. This year’s 16th annual event, put on by ELP, provides a greater sense of “why” for students to participate and volunteer.

Head of School, Dr. Bill Gartside, was impressed with the ELP students’ impact on the school and looks forward to their continued presence at Saint Columbkille during the spring semester.

“We had the benefit of providing volunteer opportunities for BC students during this past semester,” said Dr. Gartside. “Before they left for their Christmas break, they were thoughtful enough to jot down some reflections. Their simple, yet profound notes have touched our hearts.”

  • “St. Col’s is always the highlight of the week, making my Monday 100X better and bringing joy to my stressed-out college life.”
  • “I love seeing the impact and realizing the impact St. C’s has on me!”
  • “My time at St. C has been so much fun and I’ve loved getting to bond with all of the kids. The way they look up to all of us is really special and in that way, they remind us how we should act. I’m glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to serve here and can’t wait to continue doing so!”