Drama Program Overview

The Drama Program allows students in grades 4 through 8 to learn the creative art of improv and comedy, perform existing plays and develop new works of art through creative storytelling.

As part of the co-curricular program, students can participate in the Drama Club for two hours each week after school throughout the school year. In the first term we will be working on improv. Improv helps students to actively learn the art of improvisation and comedy, which uses games and songs to create situations made up on the spot. During our club, we will learn several new games every week and grow together as a group. Improv has been proven to increase confidence, listening and observation skills, enhance creative thinking abilities, and improve public speaking abilities. Through laughter and games, we learn to make the other person more important than ourselves, and give into the freedom of saying yes! For terms 2 and 3, we will focus both on performing plays that have already been written, as well as creating our own new works of art through improvisation and creative storytelling. Drama teaches students how to build communication and public speaking skills, how to engage hearts and minds through story, and how to work together as a team to create an artistic experience.

Grade Range: 4 – 8
Time and Date:
 Full Year, Tuesdays 3-5 p.m.
Location: Ms. Krane’s Room
Moderator: Ms. Krane
Moderator Contact: akrane@stcps.org

Anne Krane

"Drama, and specifically improv, is a great way to help students build communication skills and the ability to affirm themselves and each other in a safe space. I’m passionate about drama and I love having the opportunity to draw confidence and leadership out of even the most quiet and shy students.”