Research has shown that being bilingual can improve cognitive skills.


Loyola Academy students study Spanish over the course of their three middle school years.

Grade Six uses Avencemos 1A. The students  learn introductions and are able  to give information themselves. They  learn to describe what they do and do not like, as well as describing their daily schedules and telling time. The students do culture projects dealing with the Virgen de Guadalupe, Spain, and Mexico.

Grade Seven students use Avancemos 1A. The students learn to describe their classes and their families. They also learn to talk about food and meals. They are able to use the ir and estar verbs to identify emotions and location. The students complete culture projects dealing with the Mexican Revolution, Argentina, and Central America.

Grade Eight students use both Avancemos 1A and 1B. They learn vocabulary that includes words for clothing, shopping, and ordering at a restaurant. They learn to conjugate stem-changing verbs, give directions, and use ordinal numbers. They do culture projects dealing with the Mexican War for Independence, Spanish-speaking Caribbean nations, and the Philippines.