Financial Aid

Saint Columbkille Partnership School is committed to providing financial aid to qualified families, particularly in Kindergarten through grade 8.

Every family is expected to contribute to the cost of education, thus supporting our school community to the extent family circumstances permit. Financial aid is awarded in the form of grants which do not need to be paid back. Grants received from the Catholic Schools Foundation are renewable each year, provided the family demonstrates financial need each year. In order to assess what a family can reasonably afford for educational costs, we use the FACTS Grant & Aid system as an objective and independent third party. FACTS Grant & Aid calculations are the baseline for our financial aid determinations. We allocate aid based on calculated need: income minus expenses, as well as other information the family may provide in support of the aid application. We also take into consideration the school’s policies and the resources available for both re-enrolling and new students.

Financial Aid Workshops

The Business Office will be hosting Financial Aid Workshops by appointment. During this 45-minute workshop, applicants are able to fill out the FACTS Grant & Aid application and ask any questions they may have. Applicants should make an appointment for the workshop to allow us to best serve and guide the family in completing the process. This worksheet may assist you in gathering all of the information needed to complete the online FACTS Grant & Aid application: English sample application or formulario de muestra para ayuda financiera en español.  To request an individual appointment, please email Note: please bring your 2017 W2 and your completed 2017 federal tax return to the appointment, as well as proof of non-taxable income and Social Security numbers for applicants and all students for whom you are applying for financial aid.

Workshop dates are by appointment only. Please email

How to Apply
To apply for financial aid, please visit and create an account. The FACTS Grant & Aid application process can take up to one hour and there is a $30 application fee. You will be asked questions about your income and expenses for the year. The parents of each applicant must reapply annually for financial aid. For more information on the process, see below and read the Payment & Financial Aid Policy. New students must complete the application for admission, be accepted to the school, and complete enrollment prior to applying for financial aid. Click here to submit an application for admission.

When to Apply & Deadlines
New students enrolling at Saint Columbkille Partnership School must complete the admission process and submit all documents for the enrollment application prior to applying for financial aid. The recommended deadline to fill out the financial aid application through FACTS Grant & Aid is April 1. Please submit your 2017 federal tax return by April 15, 2018. FACTS Grant & Aid requires at least 2 weeks to verify the information provided in the tax return. All applications must be in a completed/verified status by May 1, 2018. Students enrolling after this deadline may be considered for aid on a rolling basis based on the schedule listed in the Payment & Financial Aid Policy.

Who is Eligible?
All families are encouraged to apply. There is a $30 processing fee for the financial aid application. The financial aid process is confidential and aid is allocated based on financial need determined by the calculations on the FACTS Grant & Aid application. Families of students in K2 (age 5) through Grade 8 are eligible for financial aid. There is limited need-based funding available for PreK and K1 students. Grants will not be awarded to families unless all accounts are in good standing. In order to maintain need-based financial aid, families must make tuition payments on time and reapply for financial aid within the FACTS Grant & Aid system each year.

Family Service Program
Saint Columbkille Partnership School believes that family involvement enhances the educational experience. Parents and guardians are urged to volunteer and participate in fundraising activities, which may also be required as part of maintaining financial aid. Opportunities to volunteer include: chaperoning field trips, monitoring lunch and recess, and helping out at special events. Families who complete 25 volunteer hours will be credited $300 towards tuition for the following school year. In order to document the hours of service, volunteers must sign in and out at the school office. Please visit the Family Service Program page for additional information.

Updates to Financial Aid
Families who experience an unexpected financial crisis during the course of the school year must notify the Business Office to work out a temporary solution. If an application for financial aid has not already been submitted, families will need to complete one. Financial aid will be lost if any of the following occur: withdrawal from the school, not active in the FACTS Payment Plan, accounts are not current, including, but not limited to tuition, after-school and other fees.

Further, the school reserves the right to audit applications for the need-based financial aid program by requesting a tax transcript for the prior year from the IRS. Information on the tax transcript can be found here.