for the
BC Race to Educate

Fundraising is a great way to involve the Allston-Brighton community in the Race to Educate for the enrichment of Saint Columbkille. Find out how to fundraise below!

The BC Race to Educate has become St. Columbkille’s signature fundraiser due, in part, to the consistent efforts of our students, staff and families in raising donations prior to race day. This generous support raised more than $75,000 during last year’s race season, with all funds going towards enriching the St. Col’s experience. This year we raised a total of more than $180,000 through pledges and sponsors to support the school!

Click here for instructions on how to register and set up your fundraising pledge page.
Click here for the manual donation form.
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Fundraising 101: Tips for Fundraising


Many people are afraid of fundraising. It can be intimidating to ask friends and family for money. That said, if you are passionate about what you are supporting, people WILL want to support you. Here are some ways to get started:


That’s right…ask! Ask personally, ask directly, and ask repeatedly. People who receive a group email or see a Facebook post are a lot less likely to donate than people who get a personalized, individual request from you by email, by phone, or in person.

Ask, ask, and ask again

Many people will wait to donate until you remind them. Remember, when you ask people more than once, you’re telling them how important this is to you. It is definitely OK to send an email out every couple weeks, and to post on Facebook a few times a week!

Ask everyone!

Think beyond friends and family. You can ask everyone you know to sponsor you: neighbors, colleagues, ex-coworkers; members of your faith community; people on your softball team; third cousins; even your parents’ friends. Ask everyone!

Ask for a specific amount

Your fundraising page has some suggested donation amounts built in. But when you’re reaching out to people personally, it helps to let them know what you’re asking for specifically. Suggest an amount that you think is right for them – $15, $30, or more!

Choose a communication method that works

Asking for donations is easier if you pick a method you are comfortable with. But keep in mind that email is the most effective tool. Facebook posts and tweets are likely to get passed by, because they are directed to such a big audience.
So get personal! Email your potential donors individually with a short note telling them why Saint Columbkille and the BC Race to Educate matters to you, why you’re supporting the school, and why they should join you. Reach out by phone and talk to people in person, too!

Customize your team page

Please update your team page – your donors will love it! Upload a photo. Replace the default text with information about your team and why you’ve chosen to come together to support Saint Columbkille Partnership School. And consider changing your team fundraising goal. The default is $200 for all teams, but you can make it as much as you want. Once you reach your goal, increase it to keep your donors and team members motivated!