Grade 5 Trip to Northeastern

My Field Trip to Northeastern University

By: Sarah Kohl

Our trip to Northeastern University was so fun! We started by having a tour of the campus. While we were touring, we saw where the first-ever World Series was played, a spot where your voice will echo, and a statue of a wolf to rub for good luck.  Then, we walked into a room where we sat down, and the college students that were there introduced themselves. They were all engineering students, except for one.

Afterward, we talked about the Charles River, and how it used to be incredibly polluted. For the activity, we were each handed a vial with something in it. Mine was labeled ‘Homeowner’. We read a story and took turns pouring our liquids in a Tupperware full of water. In the end, the water was disgusting and incredibly polluted with many different substances. After that, we built water filters and had a competition to see who could build the most effective and efficient water filter to filter the water.

After lunch, we learned about overfishing. Overfishing is when you fish too often, and too fast. As a result, the species can die out. We played a game where we ‘fished’ for these ‘Rotini Fish’. Concluding the day, we took one more small tour of the campus and went home! It was an epic day!