Loyola Academy Honors May “Loyola Leaders of the Month”

Grade 8 students Danielle Lionel and Bryan Rosa were named May’s “Loyola Leaders of the Month” (LLM), a program implemented to promote self-awareness, practice the Jesuit philosophy, and develop a greater sense of community among the middle school community.

“Danielle was selected as a Loyola Leader for the month of May,” says Loyola teacher Mrs. DeVito. “She is constantly setting an example for her peers by striving to achieve more in her extracurricular activities. Danielle embodies the Ignatian principle of “men and women for others” in her daily commitment to social justice and showing compassion towards others. Danielle has certainly demonstrated strong leadership in the Loyola community in and out of the classroom. We know she will share her gift as she moves on to the next chapter of her life.”

“Bryan was selected as the Loyola Leader for the month of May because of his commitment to being a man for others and the Ignatian principle of ‘magis,’” says Loyola teacher Mr. Walsh. “Bryan is always searching for what’s next and how he can be of help to his classmates, family, and community. He has shown in the past his passion for standing up for what he believes in and will continue to use those skills as he moves on from Loyola Academy.”

Each month, one male and one female who have distinguished themselves and exemplify the two core values of Loyola Academy (“Magis” and “Women and men for and with others”) are recognized by the Loyola Academy team. Students also have the opportunity to submit votes for their peers who they feel have shown great strides in becoming a leader in our community.