Music Program Overview

“Music, according to widespread tradition, was the first language, the language God spoke to create the universe.” – Peter Kreeft, Boston College

In keeping with the philosophy of education at Saint Columbkille, the music program provides students the opportunity to understand the 7 basic elements of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, tone, form, tempo and dynamics. Students learn to read, write and perform music, vocally, with instruments, as soloists, and in groups. Students’ ability to read, understand, and perform different forms of music will develop as they progress through the grade levels. 

The music program at Saint Columbkille encompasses four main components:

  • In-school music classes for all grade levels, Pre-K through grade 8.
  • Extracurricular clubs that allow students to explore further in music and expand their musical skill sets.
  • An after-school fee based-lesson program for those students who would like to gain proficiency on specific instruments.
  • Various ensembles to practice performance in a group, such as school band, select choir and junior choir.

For information on the extracurricular and fee-based lessons, please see below or contact

Bryant Sylvester

"Saint Columbkille Partnership School is a special place - here it is known that every child has a distinct purpose. Students are given the tools they need to grow in every aspect of life. Our daily aim is not only to open the students' minds but to help them discover the beauty of learning to give without self-interest."