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I recall my feelings when my children walked down the aisle on their wedding days. Thankfully, I felt such pride for what my children had become, and I was content knowing that they had chosen someone who would help them continue to grow. While it was difficult letting them go, I knew that it was time. My work was done.

The past 10 years at Saint Columbkille have been the best years of my life. And as you can imagine, the past few months have been reflective ones. With each passing day, I know I am closer to saying goodbye. As with my own children, I have been apprehensive while waiting to see who would be taking my place. As I knew the needs of my children, I also know the needs of the school. It was important to trust that the right person would be selected to replace me.

We have built a school that is exceptional in many ways. The academics are strong. Students learn the important values that they will need to be agents of change in society. The teachers are outstanding. The facility is much improved, and most importantly, the community is filled with people who celebrate one another’s uniqueness. We all have much of which to be proud.

While I understand that change can be hard, the future of Saint Columbkille Partnership School remains bright. I look forward to welcoming Ms. Kowieski to our school and am confident she will lead Saint Columbkille to its next level of excellence. She will bring a new energy to our community and her experience in Catholic education is extensive and invaluable. She will lead and mentor our teachers, while making sure that our academic program remains strong.

As Chief Advancement and Enrollment Officer, Kate Ward, who many of you know so well, will continue to work tirelessly to advance the strategic objectives of the school. She will continue to help the school plan for the future and inspire so many to support our school. There is no one more passionate about our mission than Ms. Ward.

We will have the opportunity in the spring to say our goodbyes and there is still much work to be done before I leave. And, I am happy to report that my children’s marriages have turned out just fine!

Dr. William Gartside
Head of School

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