Message from the Head of School

A bi-weekly newsletter is sent to our school community. To read previous newsletters, please scroll to the bottom of this page. The most recent message is shown below.

It’s a New Year and I’d like to thank the parent volunteers who made all of the activities during the first half of the year fun and successful. Our school is great, in large part, because our parents care and take the time to volunteer! If you have been meaning to volunteer but have not yet crossed the threshold of commitment, now is the time. We would love to see you.

Our teachers and students have returned to the classroom after a restful Christmas vacation. In walking around the school, I see that everyone is settled back into the routine and the children are fully engaged in learning. We are thankful that we have (so far) been spared the harsh winter weather that would force us to cancel school. And, we are thankful that our new HVAC system has come online. There is no longer a need for extra sweaters or sweatshirts!

In a Catholic school, we take pride in educating the whole person. We are proud of our academic program but know that the culture of developing self-discipline in children is of paramount importance. Therefore, I have four goals for our children that I ask for you help in adopting as New Year’s resolutions. First, I want our children to come to school dressed in the full uniform. I want them to learn that looking ones best reflects an attitude of caring. Not too far in the distant future, these students will be interviewing for a seat at a university or for a job. We want them to form a habit of caring about their appearance. When we have guests at the school, I want all of our children to look clean and sharp! It reflects well on our school when they do and shows that they care.

Second, I want our children to come to school on time. I know that there are days when everything seems to go wrong or the alarm does not go off. But, these days should not be the norm. When a child is late to school, the teacher has to stop what she or he is doing to orient the tardy student, which interrupts the learning of the other students. I know what my first impression is when a prospective teacher shows up late for the interview. Being on-time is a habit that, once formed, will leave others with a good impression.

Third, I want our children to be safe. I ask parents to do their due diligence when driving in the parking lot. In the morning when the sun is low, the solar glare is formidable. Driving requires total concentration. I cringe when I see parents on cell phones while driving or parking in non-designated spots. On more than one occasion, I have seen pedestrians dodge an oncoming car when stepping out from behind an ill-placed vehicle. If you are going to walk your child into school, please park in the back area where you can easily access the sidewalks.

Fourth, I want our children to be as healthy as possible. This means that you need to follow the school’s directives regarding illnesses. I know how inconvenient it is to find daycare for your sick child, but when there is a contagious child in a classroom, the burden is shared by many children’s parents. If your child has a fever or has thrown up in the last 24 hours, please keep her/him home.

I look forward to the second half of the year. As we enter the enrollment season for next year, I ask that you please take on the role of ambassadors as we search for families who share our core values. We will be in touch this month to share some ideas about how to get the word out. It is so good to be back to see all of your beautiful children at school each day.

William Gartside
Head of School