Visitor Policy

Active involvement of families and the community in our student’s education is a key to student success. To keep our students and staff secure, and to keep classroom disruptions to a minimum, we have developed the following guidelines for school visits. Visitors include all parents and non-school personnel. 

All visitors must report to the school office to sign-in before going elsewhere in the building and must sign out before leaving the building. Visitors will be given a Visitor ID badge when they sign-in. The Visitor ID badge must be visible and worn at all times when in the school. Visitor ID badges will not be required at Open Houses, Parent Nights or other school sponsored events open to the public.

Visitors who want to meet with a teacher must make an appointment through the school office. Parents are not allowed to meet with teachers before school without an appointment in Grades 1-8. Teachers are preparing for the opening of class. Teachers may not talk to parents in the hall while the class is left unattended. This before school time is very important as teachers set the tone for the day by organizing the class. Teachers expecting a visitor should notify the office in advance. In some instances, a staff member may escort the visitor to the meeting place.

If parent/teacher meeting is scheduled to address a problem, it will take place in the office or a conference room – not in the classroom. The parent must first report to the office and will be escorted to the meeting place.

It is very disruptive to a classroom for parents to pick up their children before the regular dismissal time. If this is necessary, the parent should call the school office in advance and pick up their child. The school will not release a student other than to a custodial parent without the parent’s consent or proper identification.

Parents/guardians may not schedule visitations at the school with their children during the school day.

Thank you for your cooperation in observing these guidelines. Be assured that our goal is to create a safe, secure and positive learning experience for all of our students and their families.