Parking Policy

All daily drop-offs and pick-ups by car must be done in the designated area behind the school.  Vehicles may exit the parking lot via Market Street or Arlington Street (right turn only in the morning).

Vehicles must be parked in a marked parking space.  During arrival, all vehicles must use the drop off lane. If your child cannot get out of the car unassisted, there will be faculty available to assist students.   Parents/guardians must remain in their cars while in the drop off lane.  Idling of cars in the drive through lane or the drop off lane is prohibited.

Due to safety concerns students are not allowed to exit vehicles on Arlington Street.   This is prohibited by the school administration as well as the Boston Police Department. Parking on Arlington Street is prohibited.  This space is utilized by school buses.  There is ample parking available in the school yard at the rear of the school.  Please comply with posted signs for the safety of the students and community.