Special Visitor Rocks Science Class

Grade 1 Science Class Welcomes Boston University Geologist Dr. Lawford Anderson

On Wednesday, February 28, Elementary Science Teacher Claire Buesser and her grade 1 science class welcomed Boston University Geologist Dr. Lawford Anderson, after concluding their Pebbles, Rocks and Silt unit. With more than 50 years of experience studying rocks and the Earth’s crust, Dr. Anderson walked students through an oral history of the Earth’s development. He shared fossils that he had collected to correspond with each of the critical moments in the Earth’s history.

During the visit, Ms. Buesser distributed seashells and modeling clay for the students to make their own fossils. After imprinting the shells into the clay and allowing them to dry overnight, students were able to take home their own fossil.

The students thought Dr. Anderson “rocked” his presentation. Responses ranged from “wait, he’s a real geologist? Can he stay?” to “best science class ever” and “I loved every minute of that!” They enjoyed hearing about his experiences in the field as a geologist, specifically finding rocks in volcanoes and searching underwater for fossils.

Additionally, before February vacation, students Skyped with Ellie Jordan, an archaeologist who works at the Field Museum in Chicago and a former classmate of Ms. Buesser. She shared stories about her archaeological digs and showed the class different fossils and stone tools in the museum. They also saw the skeleton of Sue, a famous T-Rex dinosaur about whom they had read.

Providing hands-on learning opportunities and bringing in special guests allow students to see how the science they learn in the classroom is applied in the real world. Guests with years of experience and a passion for science and learning help motivate young students to see their potential and explore their unique skill sets.