STCPS Math Team Competes in State Competition

Our math team participated in the State Math Competition at the end of April.  The STCPS team placed first in the Division 6 school group.

The following students qualified for Nationals are Eddie Kohl, Elise Donnino, Rose Bragg, Alicia Mo, Stephen Connolly, Andrew Su, and Jason Zhang.

A few of the grade 5 students wrote about the event, please see their narrative story of the competition below!

Math Competition By: Alicia, Sarah, Paul, and Kacey

We walked into the cafeteria and saw kids sitting at tables. We sat down at a table nearby to the door and started to eat our snacks. Kacey brought the largest bag of popcorn that we’ve ever seen.  We began to chat among ourselves, worrying about the test ahead, Ms. Buesser confirmed we’ll be fine. We sat there and waited for the other St. Columbkille competitors. When they all entered, we could start. The people from the Math League came and started to iterate the rules for the tournament. We sat there tensely waiting for the test to begin. He told us the rules. Little after that, we had to separate into different tables. No two people from any school were allowed at one table. Next thing we knew, he was telling us to start. First, we did the Number Sense test (individual test, 80 questions in 10 minutes), then the Target test (individual test, 8 questions, each pair 6 minutes). Next, we took a 6-minute break. Next, we took the Sprint test (individual test, 30 questions, 40 minutes). We had a 10-minute break. We then took the last test, the Team test (team test, 10 questions, 20 minutes). After we took a 30-minute break and the awards ceremony began. We nervously said, “Good luck,” to the other St. Columbkille competitors. We listened to announcements and then they started saying the places for 3rd grade, then 4th, then 5th, then 6th. Then they announced the division 5 winners and then finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for, being the division 6 winner.