Student Support Coordinator

The Student Support Coordinator at Saint Columbkille Partnership School collaborates with teachers in every classroom to review the strengths and needs of every student to create a tailored support plan.

Through the review process, students are connected to services that already exist in our school and community. These services are matched to each child’s individual strengths and needs that include a comprehensive range of prevention, intervention, and enrichment services. Furthermore, these services support the physical, emotional, cognitive and social development of students.

Following a review of each student in the school, those who are identified as most at-risk receive an in-depth review and broader level of support. The Student Support Coordinator partners with City Connects, a systematic approach to student support that addresses the out-of-school factors that can limit student learning. Together they alleviate the workload on principals and teachers and create an organized referral process for community-based partners. The coordinator develops partnerships with community agencies to secure services and follows up to ensure service delivery and effectiveness.

Additionally, the Student Support Coordinator:

  • Leads the student support team process in the school
  • Collaborates with school staff to implement the City Connects model
  • Helps engage families and caregivers in supporting the education of their children
  • Recommends and connects family members to services needed
  • Supports student transitions
  • Assists in financial needs of families
  • Responds to family crises
  • Provides social/emotional learning curricula at the classroom level
  • Assists parents/guardians in addressing disciplinary or behavior issues at home
  • Finds ways to address language barriers
  • Collects data on services each student receives

The Student Support Coordinator works closely with school personnel and community agencies to learn about a wide range of programs, services, and enrichment opportunities that can benefit students. The Student Support Coordinator also works with school staff to develop creative ways to provide in‐school support for children. Some examples of the types of services to which the Student Support Coordinator can help connect your child include:

  • Before and after‐school programs
  • Academic support or tutoring
  • Enrichment opportunities in sports, music, or art
  • Vacation and summer programs
  • Counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Social skills groups
  • Health care services
  • Ideas to support positive behavior at home

How can I get my child connected?
City Connects is always happy to meet with families and share resources that can help support your child and your family. The Student Support Coordinator at Saint Columbkille Partnership School is available to talk to parents and caregivers about how we can work together to ensure that your child has the supports he/she needs to thrive.

Melinda Bouras
Student Support Coordinator

I recognize that all children develop differently and at their own pace. I am passionate about empowering students, and instilling the drive for them to want to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Our support system believes that if each child has comprehensive and consistent supports in place at school and home, no student would be at risk. I have a degree in Human Development from Merrimack College and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Boston College, where I concentrated in School Counseling.

Contact Melinda Bouras at 617-254-3110 ext. 102,