Uniform Policy

Saint Columbkille Partnership School believes that uniforms play an important role in a positive school environment. Uniforms create a sense of community. Students view each other as equals, and there are fewer distractions in the classrooms. It is important that students take pride in their appearances, and to this end, the following policies regarding school uniforms are in place.

During school time or at school sponsored activities, the uniform must be properly worn, unless otherwise noted.  As the weather changes throughout the school year, different uniforms are acceptable. We want our students to be comfortable in their uniforms so they are ready to learn. The formal uniform can be worn year-round and may be required on certain days (special events, Mass, etc.). The winter uniform, which is different than the formal uniform for girls only, can be worn for December, January, and February and includes a pants option. The warm weather uniform is allowed ONLY in May and June and includes a shorts option.

If a student comes to school without the complete school uniform, a three strike system will be used. The first and second occurrence will result in a note and an email sent home detailing which parts of the school uniform are not properly worn. A parent/guardian must sign and return this note to school the following day. On the third occurrence, the student will be sent to the office and a call will be made home. The parent/guardian must bring the proper uniform to school immediately.

Click below for the appropriate grade level policy.

Early Childhood
Girls, Grades 1 – 5
Girls, Grades 6 – 8
Boys, Grades 1 -5
Boys, Grades 6 – 8


Inclement weather – Rain gear and winter boots may be worn to school but students must change into shoes or sneakers (on PE days only) before the start of class.

Non-Uniform Days (Spirit Days) – Throughout the school year, there will be days when students are allowed to be out of uniform. Most of the time, these days are used as a fundraiser, benefitting a specific charity. Students are still required to dress appropriately. Please refrain from wearing spaghetti-strap tops and dresses, short shorts, low-cut shirts, crop top shirts, ripped jeans, and clothing that is too form fitting.


Land’s End Ordering Information

The custom shopping experience for Saint Columbkille Partnership School can be viewed here: http://www.landsend.com/pp/SchoolSearch.html?action=landing&selectedSchoolNum=900163296  Create or sign in to your account. Include your child’s name, grade and gender. Start shopping with your personalized product checklist. Pre K, K1, and K2 are under the category “early education.” Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance ordering by emailing Miss Rumely at rrumely@stcps.org.